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Construction bids

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Future Construction Bid Opportunities

ProjectSpecification NumberApproximate Construction EstimateAnticipated Advertise Date
Recoat Mokelumne Aqueduct No. 1 Phase 13 - Gully Crossings2156 $8,000,000   October 31, 2023
Pardee Chemical Plant Improvements2142TBD   November 14, 2023
Lafayette and Walnut Creek Water Treatment Plants Control Systems Improvements2177 $1,100,000   November 14, 2023
Water Treatment Plant Effluent Meters and Large Customer Meters Improvements and Circle Regulator Replacement2182TBD   November 14, 2023
Fay Hill Pumping Plant Replacement, Rheem and Scenic East Pumping Plants; Fay Hill Reservoir Pipeline Improvements; and Ridgewood Regulator Installation, Pumping Plant & Pressure Tank Demolition2183 $11,160,000   December 4, 2023
Water Quality Research Facility2171 $4,500,000   December 5, 2023
Cull Creek Regulator and Earhart Road Metering Station Construction, and Campus, Keller, Gramercy, and Villareal Regulators Replacement2180TBD   December 5, 2023
Arroyo Reservoir Replacement and Carter Reservoir Rehabilitation2185 $15,686,600   December 5, 2023
Lafayette Recreation Area Wastewater Collection System Improvements2166 $1,500,000   December 19, 2023
East of Hills Facilities Demolitions and Improvements (Grizzly, Castle Hill, Knife No. 1, Wiedemann No. 1, and Crest Reservoirs, Castle Hill Regulator, Crest and Hill Mutual Pumping Plants, and Hill Mutual Pressure Tank)2179 $11,000,000   January 2, 2024
Mokelumne Aqueduct No. 1 Bent Replacements at Station 24802184TBD   January 16, 2024
E 10th Street and Hegenberger Road Crossing Pipeline Replacement2193 $4,000,000   January 30, 2024
Oakland Administration Building Roofing System Rehabilitation2196 $4,600,000   January 30, 2024
Lafayette and Walnut Creek WTP Chemical System Safety Improvements2194 $39,186,250   February 27, 2024
Oakland Administration Building Fiber Optic Backbone System Upgrade2195 $612,700   February 27, 2024
Lafayette Reservoir Outlet Tower Seismic Retrofit2175 $4,600,000   March 12, 2024
East Area Service Center and Fleet Maintenance East Upgrades2150 $2,600,000   July 30, 2024
Walnut Creek WTP Filters Improvements2189 $23,331,700   September 3, 2024
New Central Area Service Center2190 $17,000,000   July 1, 2025
Swainland Reservoir and Montclair Pumping Plant Replacements and 82nd Ave RCS Rehabilitation2192 $13,308,877   July 29, 2025
San Leandro Channel Pipeline Crossing2188 $17,000,000   November 1, 2025
MWWTP Blend Tanks Area Odor Control and Degritting Facility ImprovementsSD409 $4,750,000   On Hold
Camanche South Shore Wastewater Collection System Improvements2164 $7,000,000   On Hold

For more information, please contact the Specifications Section.